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Facts related to fraudulent activities

How they scam you

5 most common types of ecommerce fraud

Social Engineering / Phising

Posing as a trustworthy entity to acquire sensitive information like usernames and passwords.

ID Theft

Stealing someone’s online identity to make transaction.

Account Takeover

Illegally accessing someone’s account via bots and then using that access to make transactions.

Malware / Spybots

Monitoring your activity by using cell phone applications or free applications.

Romance Scams

The process of luring a person into a relationship using a fictitious online profile.

Mobile Fraud

Fraud is carried out via apps and other platforms on mobile devices.

Voices of marketplace scam victims on TrustPilot.com

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It’s time to fight back! You deserve to protect yourself.


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A smart tool powered by machine learning to protect you from any fraudulent activities on internet.

Fraudster is available worldwide, and in your area we are compatible with:

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Why you need Fraudster

icon social enginering
Social Engineering / Phishing Scams
Be alerted when Fraudster detects Social engineer or Phishing scams on your device, in your email, or during interactions with Social Media Websites.
icon fake product
Avoid Fake Products
Fraudster alerts you when it detects fake products, or when it has previously been flagged by other users.
icon fraud payment
Fraud Payment
Fraudster alerts you of potential payment fraud or when you may have been directed to other unsecure websites.
icon malware
Malware / Spyware
Fraudster maintains a ever growing digital intelligence of all known spyware applications, if such application is detected on your device fraudster will alert you immediately.
icon background check
Automated Background Checks
Suspect that you might be getting Catfished? Order up a automated Background Check and let a team of experts reach out and verify the person who you are talking to is really who he or she says they are.
icon dark web
Dark Web Protection
Fraudster gains much of its intelligence from the dark web, constantly scanning available scam groups and techniques it gains vital insight into how to best protect you.